My Current Stream Hardware

When you start to stream, you should use whatever equipment you already have. But if you’re at the point where you want to upgrade or if you want to know what I use, here you go! This is the hardware aka the physical stuff that I use to stream! I hope you find this helpful.

Expect a blog post soon about the software that I use for streaming and content creation.

Some links I share are affiliate links, which means I earn a small commission if you make a buy through the links here.

Please Note: With the current pandemic, many of these items aren’t available or the prices are really high. I don’t want to support that. Once the price is reasonable again, I will update with a direct link.

My Computer? Bad.

Not even sharing the link to my computer because this is what needs upgraded most. Ha. I use my day-to-day laptop to stream. This means there is some stuff I just can’t do for my stream because it won’t run smoothly on my laptop. This also means sometimes things just happen when I stream. We take it all in stride!

Canon EOS Rebel T5 with Sparkocam software

I’ve had this starter DSLR since 2015, and it is still going strong. I’m almost at a point where I need to upgrade, but I’m not there yet. I the Canon EOS Rebel T5 that I already have as my webcam. I purchased Sparkocam software which uses your DSLR’s live preview as a webcam. There are lots of other ways to do this, but most don’t work for my camera because of how old it is.

Some people think that using this setup will fry the sensor on your camera. It won’t. Since this set-up just uses your “preview” the sensor does not get pushed as hard.

Logitech c920 Webcam

This webcam is pretty popular among streamers, so it can be hard to find. That said: It is the standard for streaming. It has a good consistent look that gets the job done at an affordable price point!

No link: Currently prices unreasonably high. Typically $75.

Webaround Green Screen

If you don’t have room for a huge green backdrop or if you don’t want to paint the wall behind you green, a webaround is a perfect green screen solution if you don’t have a lot of room. The webaround attaches to the back of your chair, and it also packs up easily. Take a green screen with you anywhere.


The longer your ethernet cable is, the less secure the connection. But it is always better to use ethernet vs. wifi. I have 2 ethernet cables I use depending on the situation. If I am using my typical streaming setup I have a short ethernet cable, but if I have to go to another area where I have more room for cosplay/crafting streams I use this 10ft ethernet cable for extra distance.
Here’s a link to my 10 ft. ethernet cable if you need that extra distance.

Elgato Stream Deck

My stream deck is a key part of my stream and the streams that I run for other people. If I had to recommend only one piece of equipment that is just for fun to take everything to the next level, it’s this! (Multi-actions saved my stream on many occasions.)

No link: Currently prices unreasonably high. I recommend buying directly from Elgato.

Neweer Ring Light

A much needed upgrade from my handmade ring light lol. You can choose between warm or cool filters and it cranks up really bright. I also use this for filming Tiktoks.

2nd Monitor

Another piece of equipment I have that really needs an upgrade, but point being I use another monitor. It helps me have my room to work with while juggling a bunch of different windows for streaming.

Blue Yeti

This is my microphone of choice, but any Blue mic is a great option. The Blue Snowball is another popular pick, and it’s a bit cheaper.

No link: Currently prices unreasonably high. I recommend buying direct from Blue Microphones.

Shock Mount

I’m pretty clumsy when I stream, so it’s not uncommon for me to bump into my microphone when it’s dangling next to me. Good thing I have the shock mount to protect from damage and just general sound waves from the floor and when I hit the mic.

Pop Filter

A simple and great pop filter mic for the pop of my voice!

Rode PSA-1 Mic Arm

This microphone arm is really my favorite. It is super sturdy which again is perfect for me since I am so haphazard.

USB Hub and Ravpower 4 Port USB Wall Charger

I don’t have nearly enough USB ports on my computer, so I use these 2 pieces of hardware so I can have more room. My USB Hub helps me plug things into my computer that need that connection, but my fan and my phone are plugged into the Ravpower 4 Port USB Wall Charger since they don’t need to be connected to my computer for any reason during the stream.

Laptop Cooling Pad

The one I own isn’t available anymore, but this seems like another fine option. It’s just a simple external fan that plugs into a USB and keeps my computer from overheating.

Hyper X Headphones

My gaming headphones that are surround sound and super slick.

Ficmax Gaming Chair

It’s pretty comfortable and supports my back! Finally a chair that I can sit on for 12 hours straight without immense back pain.

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