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Cosplay on a Budget: Goodwill Outlet Stores

Cosplay is an expensive hobby, but we are creative people. Us cosplayers know that there are hacks out to achieve cosplays on a budget. My number one cosplay on a budget hack? Thrift stores. But, I’m talking the mother of all thrift stores: Goodwill Outlet Stores. This is where I have bought wedding gowns for […]

Mikki, How Do You Get Paid to Model?

One question I have been asked a lot recently by models and photographers is how I get paid to model. First, some background information: I’ve been modeling for about 8 years, and traveling as a model for 6 years. After I modeled locally for two years, I had all online classes one semester in college […]

Hi! I’m Mikki, and I’ve been a working artist all my life. For the longest time, I thought I had to be a struggling artist, so I gave it all up and went to business school. There I learned that you CAN make a living as an artist. It’s just that no one is teaching us how to do it!

Now I celebrate and advocate for artists, and I help them feel less alone.

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